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When I enter into a counselling contract with you, I will collect data in order to provide my counselling and psychotherapy service.  I take the security and privacy of your data very seriously. I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) which means I need to tell you what data I am collecting from you and what I intend to do with it.


Personal Information I collect and why do I need it


  • Name , Address, Date of Birth, Telephone Number, email address

  • GP Details

  • Medication relevant to mental health

  • Assessment notes and session summary

  • Information I receive about you from third parties with whom I work closely and who have referred you to me for counselling or therapy.


Why I collect this information?


  • To carry out my obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and me to provide you with the counselling and therapy services that you request from me.


  • To carry out my obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and any referring third-party and me relating to therapy and counselling consultations and to provide you or referring third parties with the information and services that you request from me.


  • I may combine the information you give me with the information I collect about you. I may use this information and the combined information for the purposes set out above (depending on the types of information we receive).


How will I store your data?


  • Paper – Data on paper are kept in a locked filing cabinet.  Client notes are anonymised and linked to personal details by a client code.  Client codes and identifying personal data are kept securely and separately from any notes.


  •  Data stored electronically is password protected - and generally limited to practical issues such as appointment issues and invoicing.   Any information sent via email to referring third parties is anonymised or sent securely.


Sharing your Data


I would only share your data in the following circumstances


  • In the event of disclosure of serious harm or risk to yourself or others, I may need to contact another professional such as your GP, mental health team or emergency services.


  • In the event that I am required to do so for legal reasons.


  • I may share your information with referring third parties for the purposes of provision of therapy and counselling sessions. I may disclose your information to referring third parties who you have entered into a contract with for my services.


  • In the event that I am incapacitated or of my death I have appointed a Clinical Executor who will have access to your details and be able to contact you.


How long will I store your data


  • Personal data will be stored for 1 month after counselling contract ends

  • Session summary notes will be kept for 7 years after counselling contract ends in accordance with requirements of my insurers and professional body.


Your Rights


You have the following rights:


  • To be informed what information I hold (ie this document)

  • To see the information I hold about you

  • To rectify any inaccurate or incomplete personal information

  • To request your personal information be erased (though I can decline whilst the information is needed for my competent practice).



I have read and understand the information contained in this Privacy Policy


Name ……………………………….............................





If you wish to remove your agreement to my use of use of your data at any point please let me know by phone 07583 739246 or email


If you have any concerns about how I have handled your data, you can complain to the Information Commissioners Office ICO


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